The goal of this project is to develop an interdisciplinary math (I-Math) program that integrates education and research for mathematics majors and trains the next generation of applied mathematicians, furnishing students with a strong interdisciplinary background. This program provides a new platform to promote undergraduate mathematics training through an interdisciplinary collaboration, establishing the infrastructure that accommodates a large number of students and spans most years of their college careers. Students will gain knowledge, problem-solving skills, hands-on experience, and rigorous research training through the proposed program. The success of this project will provide a potentially transformative model for large-scale interdisciplinary mathematics education and research training that can be widely adapted and implemented in regional and national higher educational institutions. The I-Math program involves four core areas: biological math, computer math, data math, and engineering math, to accommodate a broad range of student interests. Each core represents a partnership between Mathematics and another department, with a matched pair of faculty members to lead the training efforts. The faculty members on this team have extensive experience in interdisciplinary research and education, and they will incorporate their expertise and research findings into the development of innovative curricula and research projects. The training efforts will be centered on student engagement, stimulating student interest, and improving persistence and academic competence, to prepare knowledgeable and responsible 21st-century applied mathematicians.


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