Agent-based modelling for COVID19 in South America


The severity, complexity and the global reach of COVID-19 present unprecedented challenges to public health practitioners. As the pandemic continues and the world grapples with the spread of SARS-COV-2 and the catastrophic health and economic impacts of COVID-19, it has become apparent that a “silver bullet” solution is unrealistic. Human behavioral aspects which have been found to have a key role in the transmission and spread of respiratory virus, which are context dependent and subject to change over time. In this proposal, we focus on the transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in a metropolitan area in South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina) where mitigation strategies implemented in high-income countries might not be as successful or unsustainable for the period required to control transmission, due to the large informal economy and other cultural and political aspects.


Funding Source

Midas Coordination Center Urgent Grant Program - Supplemental

Project Period


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