WHO Announces New Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence

On September 1, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) inaugurated the Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence

“To better address pandemic and epidemic risks, the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence will strengthen intelligence specifically for pandemics and epidemics by striving for better data, better analytics, and better decisions. Embedded in WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme and building on consultations with hundreds of experts from different disciplines, sectors, and regions, it will leverage WHO’s unique convening power across nearly 200 countries to foster global solutions.”

Read more about the Hub in this Science article, and also the Hub FAQ page

Excerpt from FAQs:

How will the WHO Hub work?

The WHO Hub will strengthen pandemic and epidemic intelligence through better data,  better analytics, and better decisions across all aspects of public health emergencies at national and local levels.

 As a global collaboration of partners from multiple sectors, the WHO Hub will enable innovators to co-create tools and used linked data that all countries need to prepare, detect and respond to pandemic and epidemic risks. The WHO Hub will drive innovations to increase the availability and linkage of diverse data, develop tools and predictive models for risk analysis, improve public health decision-making, and monitor disease control measures and infodemics. The WHO Hub will:

  • enhance access and linkage across multiple data sources necessary to generate signals and insights on disease emergence, risks, evolution, and impact;
  • develop state of the art tools to process, analyse and model data for prediction, detection, assessment and response;
  • connect and catalyse institutions and existing networks developing disease outbreak solutions for the present and future; and
  • provide WHO, our Member States, and partners with collaborative tools to underpin better and faster decisions on how to address outbreak signals and events.


All aspects of pandemic and epidemic intelligence will be developed and adapted continuously through the Hub’s collaborative intelligence approach, including technical, governance, ethical and other dimensions. To ensure that demand drives innovation and leads to tailored decisions that meet the context-specific needs of Member States, the WHO Hub will facilitate the convergence of their capacities, boost existing competencies, and develop new ones.

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