Working with NOAA Climate and Weather Data: Opportunities to enhance infectious disease modeling and pandemic preparedness

NOAA’s mission is to understand, predict, and share knowledge of the Earth system (including atmosphere and ocean) to achieve our vision of healthy societies and ecosystems that are resilient in the face of sudden or prolonged change. NOAA seeks to achieve this mission with a One Health orientation, studying and anticipating changes to our Earth system and linkages with our ecosystems and human and animal health. In this presentation, NOAA scientists will provide an overview of our environmental intelligence capabilities relevant for infectious disease modeling: climate data, observing systems, and short- and long-term predictions. A discussion will follow between the health community and NOAA scientists about our capabilities and possibilities for improved use of environmental data for infectious disease modeling, as well as further collaboration opportunities.

Date/time: Monday August 3, 2020, 12:30 – 1:30pm, EDT (US)

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  • Stan Benjamin NOAA Global Systems Lab
  • Juli Trtanj NOAA Climate Program Office


John Balbus, M.D. NIEHS Global Environmental Health Program


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