Building an ensemble model: Reich Lab COVID-19 Forecast Hub

Dr. Nicholas Reich and collaborators used their years of experience developing real-time influenza forecasting models to build an interactive ensemble forecasting model for COVID-19. The COVID-19 Forecast Hub creates a standardized set of data on forecasts from teams making projections of cumulative and incident deaths and incident hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in the United States. The Reich Lab COVID-19 Forecast Hub is used by the CDC COVID-19 Forecasts as a data source, as well as by FiveThirtyEight on their website. 

Several other MIDAS members participate on the teams featured in the ensemble model, including: 

Columbia University (Jeff Shaman group)

Northeastern University MOBS  Lab and collaborators (Alex Vespignani group)

Georgia Institute of Technology (B. Aditya Prakash group)

LANL (Sara del Valle group)

Imperial College (Sangeeta Bhatia group)

University of Notre Dame (Alex Perkins group)

University of Texas-Austin (Lauren Ancel Meyers group)



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