Webinar: High Performance Computing for MIDAS Members

We invite you to an overview of High Performance Computing (HPC) at the MIDAS Coordination Center (MCC) and the COVID HPC Consortium.  

For those new to HPC, Jeremy Espino and Kim Wong of the MCC will give an overview of the machines and a typical modeling workflow on an HPC machine.  MIDAS members (David Galloway and Michael Martin) will share their experiences using the MCC HPC.  Shawn Brown,  Director of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center will describe the COVID HPC Consortium, a private-public partnership offering free compute time and resources on their world-class machines for COVID research. Finally, we will describe how you can apply for CPU allocations on these machines for your research and how the MCC is here to help.


Date: Friday December 11, 12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern (US)

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