EBARDenovo: highly accurate de novo assembly of RNA-Seq with efficient chimera-detection.


High-accuracy de novo assembly of the short sequencing reads from RNA-Seq technology is very challenging. We introduce a de novo assembly algorithm, EBARDenovo, which stands for Extension, Bridging And Repeat-sensing Denovo. This algorithm uses an efficient chimera-detection function to abrogate the effect of aberrant chimeric reads in RNA-Seq data.

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

EBARDenovo resolves the complications of RNA-Seq assembly arising from sequencing errors, repetitive sequences and aberrant chimeric amplicons. In a series of assembly experiments, our algorithm is the most accurate among the examined programs, including de Bruijn graph assemblers, Trinity and Oases.

EBARDenovo is available at This software package (with patent pending) is free of charge for academic use only.

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