Exploring Prediction of Antimicrobial Resistance Based on Protein Solvent Accessibility Variation.


perspective. We show how known AMR protein variants tend to correspond to exposed residues, while on the contrary their susceptible counterparts tend to be buried. Based on these findings, we develop RSA-AMR, a novel relative solvent accessibility-based AMR scoring system. This scoring system can be applied to any protein variant to estimate its propensity of altering the relative solvent accessibility, and potentially conferring (or hindering) AMR. We show how RSA-AMR score can be integrated with existing AMR detection algorithms to expand their range of applicability into detecting potential novel AMR variants, and provide a ten-fold increase in Specificity. The two main limitations of RSA-AMR score is that it is designed on single point changes, and a limited number of variants was available for model learning.

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