Isolation of two novel reassortant H3N6 avian influenza viruses from long-distance migratory birds in Jiangxi Province, China.


Two novel reassortant avian influenza A (H3N6) viruses were isolated from swan goose in Poyang Lake, Jiangxi Province, China, in 2014. Phylogenetic analyses indicated that these viruses are most likely derived from the Eurasian-originated H3Ny (N3, N6, N8) and H5N6 viruses circulating among wild and domestic birds. It is noteworthy that H9N2 viruses have contributed PB1 gene to these novel H3N6 viruses. Our findings provide phylogenetic evidence to elucidate the ongoing viral reassortment in the wild bird population in southern China. Active surveillance of avian influenza viruses in Poyang Lake is warranted.

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