Occurrence of domestic and intrusive triatomines (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in sylvatic habitats of the temperate Monte Desert ecoregion of Argentina


The eco-epidemiology of Triatominae and Trypanosoma cruzi transmission has been little studied in the Argentinean Monte ecoregion. Herein, we provide a comprehensive description of domestic and intrusive triatomines to evaluate the risk of reinfestation of rural dwellings. Triatoma infestans, T. patagonica, T. garciabesi and T. eratyrusiformis were collected by active searches or light traps. None were infected with T. cruzi. One T. infestans male was collected at 1.3 km from the nearest infested house. The finding of intrusive and domestic triatomines in sylvatic foci emphasizes the need of implementing an effective vector surveillance system.

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