The NIEHS Climate Change and Human Health Literature Portal: The Way to the Science You Want


Support for research on the impacts of climate change on human health is increasing rapidly as people’s direct experience with events such as extreme heat, hurricanes, wildfires, and effects on agriculture also increases. There also is a growing need for research on the health impacts of climate actions including mitigation and adaptation. To facilitate the timeliness and effectiveness of such research, which is critically needed to understand, predict, and prevent climate impacts on health, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has developed the Climate Change and Human Health Literature Portal []. This free, online tool combines searches of the biomedical, environmental, climate, and disaster sciences using PubMed, Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science to create a bibliographic database of global peer-reviewed research and high-level gray literature. Each unique reference has been tagged by subject matter experts for reference type, exposure, health impact, geographic feature, predictive modeling, and cross-cutting issues such as economics, policy, vulnerable populations, and co-benefits of climate actions. An intuitive user interface includes filters to help users focus their search and quickly find the most relevant results. The majority of references link to a publicly available source, and search result lists can be downloaded and shared through email and social media platforms. References date from 2007 –2018, and are continually being added as new science becomes available. The presentation will include demonstration of the Literature Portal, as well as results of analyses of the content for trends in global climate change and human health research.

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