The potential effects of introducing microneedle patch vaccines into routine vaccine supply chains.


An MNP for MCV, TT, Rota, or Penta would need to have a smaller or equal volume-per-dose than existing vaccine formulations and be able to be stored outside the cold chain for a continuous period of at least two months to provide additional benefits to all three supply chains under modeled conditions.

Microneedle patch (MNP) technology is designed to simplify the process of vaccine administration; however, depending on its characteristics, MNP technology may provide additional benefits beyond the point-of-use, particularly for vaccine supply chains.

Using the HERMES modeling software, we examined replacing four routine vaccines - Measles-containing vaccine (MCV), Tetanus toxoid (TT), Rotavirus (Rota) and Pentavalent (Penta) - with MNP versions in the routine vaccine supply chains of Benin, Bihar (India), and Mozambique.

, 2-months thermostable) improved Penta vaccine availability by 1-8% and total availability by <1-9%.

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