The purpose of the proposed project, entitled "The Ohio State University Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Training Program (CTRIP)", is to establish a novel and highly impactful Biomedical Informatics training initiative that focuses upon the emergent and rapidly growing sub-domains of Translational Bioinformatics (TBI) and Clinical Research Informatics (CRI). This program will leverage the unique scholarly and environmental strengths present at The Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC), and employ two well-established and highly successful pre- and post-doctoral training mechanisms present within The Ohio State University College of Medicine for degree granting purposes. Trainees will be involved in a combination of didactic and application-oriented instruction modalities, and will pursue independent research projects as a capstone to their curricula. The TBI track of the program will specifically focus upon pre-doctoral training, and combine core informatics competencies with a rigorous grounding in the biology of human disease. The CRI track of the program will specifically focus on post-doctoral training for individuals with terminal clinical degrees (e.g., MD, DO, or equivalent), and will similarly combine core informatics competencies with a rigorous grounding in clinical research methodology. The overall training program will house no more than six funded pre- and post-doctoral trainees at any given time. Our intent with the CTRIP program is to utilize an agile and highly innovative curricula development and evaluation plan, thus allowing for constant program optimization and adaptation to evolving trends and developments in the basic and applied Biomedical Informatics knowledge base.


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