Outbreak Science PREreview a Platform for Pre-Prints for 2019-nCoV Studies

To all those paying attention to the proliferating 2019-nCoV preprints, please help others by answering a few questions about those preprints here.

A few details:
1. The platform is brand new and currently only works for Medrxiv,Bbiorxiv, and Arxiv.
2. A review is a set of yes/no questions and takes just a few minutes.
3. Reviews are open so anyone can use them, including in aggregated form.
4. You log in with your ORCID and can review anonymously or with your name.
5. There is an optional browser extension that helps you see and submit reviews directly on the pages of the pre-print servers.
6. You can also request reviews, of your own work and that of others.

This site is registered on as a development site.