The use of digital technology to improve and monitor handwashing among children 12 years or younger in educational settings: a scoping review.


Our scoping review aimed to identify and describe the application of digital technology in hand hygiene research among children in educational settings. We searched for articles in PubMed, IEEE Xplore, and Web of Science. Original hand hygiene research with a form of digital technology used among children ≤12 years in educational settings was eligible for inclusion. Twelve studies met the eligibility criteria and the data were extracted by two teams of independent co-authors for narrative synthesis. Ten studies used digital technology as an intervention tool and two for monitoring purposes. Three main digital technologies were identified including computer games (n = 2), videos (n = 8), and video cameras (n = 2). Digital technologies found in our scoping review were reported to be effective in hand hygiene studies over short temporal periods especially when used in combination with other measures. Future research may demonstrate the effectiveness of digital technology in helping children develop sustainable handwashing behaviors.

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