Postdoctoral Research Associate, Washington State University

The Lofgren Lab in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Health at Washington State University is seeking a postdoctoral research associate to support an NIH-supported research project examining the impact of social networks in Marshallese and Pacific Islander populations in the United States, who have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic. The postdoctoral research associate will have access to an extensive social contact survey and health behavior dataset and will be working with a diverse team of biomedical, statistical, and computational modeling researchers to understand both the dynamics of infection in this unique population but also the implications for disease surveillance and public health outreach.

Responsibilities include the analysis of survey and social contact network datasets, the mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students in the lab, the analysis of mathematical models of disease transmission, and the preparation of manuscripts and conference abstracts. The specific focus of this project will be on the quantification of social networks from contact diaries using exponential random graph models (ERGMs) and other techniques, as well as simulation infection transmission along those networks.

The Lofgren Lab is located in Pullman, WA, however remote work may be possible.

Candidates should have a PhD or equivalent degree in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Network Science, Mathematical Biology, Disease Ecology or a related field. Position is open until filled, and applications will be reviewed beginning April 1, 2022.


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