MIDAS members Natalie Dean and Ira Longini were featured on WCJB in Florida about licensing of the new Ebola rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine

Natalie Dean and Ira Longini from University of Florida talk about the value of a licensed Ebola vaccine and how it relates to their research on a local news station WCJB in Gainesville, FA

Working together with the World Health Organization, MIDAS members Natalie Dean and Ira Longini have contributed to studying the potential value of Ebola vaccination. They talked about their work to WCJB news. Their work has helped with the trials studies that has informed the vaccine licensure process. Dean and other researchers at the University of Florida are studying other vaccines as well, such as against Zika virus and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

View the news report below:

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