Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald

Assistant Professor




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Research/Topics of Interest

Apply models to public health
Climate/environmental drivers
Geospatial models
Machine learning models
Spatial transmission patterns
Statistical models
Earth Observation
Remote Sensing
Community Ecology

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Neglected tropical diseases
Vector-borne diseases

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United States
Costa Rica



Hopkins SR, Jones IJ, Buck JC, LeBoa C, Kwong LH, Jacobsen K, Rickards C, Lund AJ, Nova N, MacDonald AJ, Lambert-Peck M, De Leo GA, Sokolow SH. (2022). Environmental Persistence of the World's Most Burdensome Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. Frontiers in public health, (10)

Hopkins SR, Lafferty KD, Wood CL, Olson SH, Buck JC, De Leo GA, Fiorella KJ, Fornberg JL, Garchitorena A, Jones IJ, Kuris AM, Kwong LH, LeBoa C, Leon AE, Lund AJ, MacDonald AJ, Metz DCG, Nova N, Peel AJ, Remais JV, Stewart Merrill TE, Wilson M, Bonds MH, Dobson AP, Lopez Carr D, Howard ME, Mandle L, Sokolow SH. (2022). Evidence gaps and diversity among potential win-win solutions for conservation and human infectious disease control. The Lancet. Planetary health, 6(8)

Athni TS, Shocket MS, Couper LI, Nova N, Caldwell IR, Caldwell JM, Childress JN, Childs ML, De Leo GA, Kirk DG, MacDonald AJ, Olivarius K, Pickel DG, Roberts SO, Winokur OC, Young HS, Cheng J, Grant EA, Kurzner PM, Kyaw S, Lin BJ, Lopez RC, Massihpour DS, Olsen EC, Roache M, Ruiz A, Schultz EA, Shafat M, Spencer RL, Bharti N, Mordecai EA. (2021). The influence of vector-borne disease on human history: socio-ecological mechanisms. Ecology letters

MacDonald AJ, Mordecai EA. (2021). Response to Valle and Zorello Laporta: Clarifying the Use of Instrumental Variable Methods to Understand the Effects of Environmental Change on Infectious Disease Transmission. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Nova N, Deyle ER, Shocket MS, MacDonald AJ, Childs ML, Rypdal M, Sugihara G, Mordecai EA. (2020). Susceptible host availability modulates climate effects on dengue dynamics. Ecology letters

Couper LI, MacDonald AJ, Mordecai EA. (2020). Impact of prior and projected climate change on US Lyme disease incidence. Global change biology

MacDonald AJ, Mordecai EA. (2019). Amazon deforestation drives malaria transmission, and malaria burden reduces forest clearing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116(44)

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