Antonio Falco

Professor of Applied Mathematics





Marie Billaud-Friess, Antonio Falcó, Anthony Nouy. (2020). A geometry based algorithm for dynamical low-rank approximation. arXiv

Antonio Falcó, Fernando Sánchez. (2020). Model order reduction for dynamical systems: A geometric approach. Comptes Rendus Mécanique, 346(7)

Suay-García B, Alemán-López PA, Bueso-Bordils JI, Falcó A, Antón-Fos G, Pérez-Gracia MT. (2019). New solvent options for in vivo assays in the Galleria mellonella larvae model. Virulence, 10(1)

Chady Ghnatios, Nicolas Montes, Hermine Tertrais, Jean Louis Duval, Emmanuelle Abisset-Chavanne, Antonio Falco, Francisco Chinesta. (2019). Towards parametric RTM processes: The interpolative mapping. AIP Conference Proceedings, 2113(1)

Nicolás Montés, Francisco Chinesta, Antonio Falcó, Marta C Mora, Lucia Hilario, Jean-Louis Duval. (2019). A PGD-based Method for Robot Global Path Planning: A Primer. ICINCO

Suay-García B, Alemán-López P, Bueso-Bordils JI, Falcó A, Pérez-Gracia MT, Antón-Fos GM. (2019). . Future Medicinal Chemistry, 11(17)

L Hilario, N Montés, E Nadal, MC Mora, A Falco, F Chinesta, JL Duval. (2018). PGD Variational vademecum for robot motion planning. A dynamic obstacle case. Science Open

Antonio Falcó, Wolfgang Hackbusch, Anthony Nouy. (2018). On the Dirac–Frenkel Variational Principle on Tensor Banach Spaces. Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 19(1)

Antonio Falcó, Wolfgang Hackbusch, Anthony Nouy. (2018). Tree-based tensor formats. SeMA Journal

Antonio Falcó, Nicolás Montés, Francisco Chinesta, Lucia Hilario, Marta C Mora. (2018). On the Existence of a Progressive Variational Vademecum based on the Proper Generalized Decomposition for a Class of Elliptic Parameterized Problems. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, (330)

F Sánchez, L Domenech, V García, N Montés, A Falcó, E Cueto, F Chinesta, P Fideu. (2017). Fast and reliable gate arrangement pre-design of resin infusion processes. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, (77)

V Candela, Antonio Falcó, Pantaleón D Romero. (2017). A general framework for a class of non-linear approximations with applications to image restoration. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, (330)

Marie Billaud-Friess, Antonio Falco, Anthony Nouy. (2017). Principal bundle structure of matrix manifolds. arXiv

Antonio Falcó, Ll Navarro, Carlos Vázquez. (2017). A direct LU solver for pricing American bond options under Hull–White model. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, (309)

Luís Domenech, Antonio Falcó, Victor García, Fernando Sánchez. (2016). Towards a 2.5D geometric model in mold filling simulation. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, (291)

Antonio Cañavate-Grimal, Antonio Falcó, Pedro Calderón, Ignacio Payá-Zaforteza. (2015). On the use of stochastic spectral methods in deep excavation inverse problems. Computers & Structures, (159)

Lucia Hilario, Antonio Falcó, Nicolás Montés, Marta C Mora. (2015). A tensor optimization algorithm for Bézier Shape Deformation. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, (291)

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