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Macklin G, Peak C, Eisenhawer M, Kurji F, Mach O, Konz J, Gast C, Bachtiar NS, Bandyopadhyay AS, Zipursky S, . (2022). Enabling accelerated vaccine roll-out for Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (PHEICs): Novel Oral Polio Vaccine type 2 (nOPV2) experience. Vaccine

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Peak CM, Kahn R, Grad YH, Childs LM, Li R, Lipsitch M, Buckee CO. (2020). Comparative Impact of Individual Quarantine vs. Active Monitoring of Contacts for the Mitigation of COVID-19: a modelling study. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

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Gulka CP, Swartz JD, Trantum JR, Davis KM, Peak CM, Denton AJ, Haselton FR, Wright DW. (2014). Coffee rings as low-resource diagnostics: detection of the malaria biomarker Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich protein-II using a surface-coupled ring of Ni(II)NTA gold-plated polystyrene particles. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 6(9)

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