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Varbanova V, Verelst F, Hens N, Beutels P. (2022). Determinants of basic childhood vaccination coverage in European and OECD countries. Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics

Wambua J, Hermans L, Coletti P, Verelst F, Willem L, Jarvis CI, Gimma A, Wong KLM, Lajot A, Demarest S, Edmunds WJ, Faes C, Beutels P, Hens N. (2022). The influence of risk perceptions on close contact frequency during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Scientific reports, 12(1)

Kuylen EJ, Torneri A, Willem L, Libin PJK, Abrams S, Coletti P, Franco N, Verelst F, Beutels P, Liesenborgs J, Hens N. (2022). Different forms of superspreading lead to different outcomes: Heterogeneity in infectiousness and contact behavior relevant for the case of SARS-CoV-2. PLoS computational biology, 18(8)

Verelst F, Hermans L, Vercruysse S, Gimma A, Coletti P, Backer JA, Wong KLM, Wambua J, van Zandvoort K, Willem L, Bogaardt L, Faes C, Jarvis CI, Wallinga J, Edmunds WJ, Beutels P, Hens N. (2021). SOCRATES-CoMix: a platform for timely and open-source contact mixing data during and in between COVID-19 surges and interventions in over 20 European countries. BMC medicine, 19(1)

Verelst F, Beutels P, Hens N, Willem L. (2021). Workplace influenza vaccination to reduce employee absenteeism: An economic analysis from the employers' perspective. Vaccine

Verelst F, Kessels R, Willem L, Beutels P. (2021). No Such Thing as a Free-Rider? Understanding Drivers of Childhood and Adult Vaccination through a Multicountry Discrete Choice Experiment. Vaccines, 9(3)

Valckx S, Crèvecoeur J, Verelst F, Vranckx M, Hendrickx G, Hens N, Van Damme P, Pepermans K, Beutels P, Neyens T. (2021). Individual factors influencing COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in between and during pandemic waves (July-December 2020). Vaccine

Beutels P, Verelst F. (2021). Ceci n'est pas un lit. Base capacity healthcare matters in a pandemic. The Lancet regional health. Europe, (2)

Beyens M, Verelst FR, Moorkens G, ThB T. (2020). Trials and tribulations of young residents fighting COVID-19. European journal of clinical investigation

Hoogink J, Verelst F, Kessels R, van Hoek AJ, Timen A, Willem L, Beutels P, Wallinga J, de Wit GA. (2020). Preferential differences in vaccination decision-making for oneself or one's child in The Netherlands: a discrete choice experiment. BMC public health, 20(1)

Verelst F, Kuylen E, Beutels P. (2020). Indications for healthcare surge capacity in European countries facing an exponential increase in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases, March 2020. Euro surveillance : bulletin Europeen sur les maladies transmissibles = European communicable disease bulletin, 25(13)

Verelst F, Kessels R, Delva W, Beutels P, Willem L. (2019). Drivers of vaccine decision-making in South Africa: A discrete choice experiment. Vaccine, 37(15)

Siewe Fodjo JN, Mandro M, Wonya'rossi D, Inaç Y, Ngave F, Lokonda R, Anyolito A, Verelst F, Colebunders R. (2019). Economic Burden of Epilepsy in Rural Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo. EClinicalMedicine, (9)

Bilcke J, Verelst F, Beutels P. (2018). Sponsorship Bias in Base-Case Values and Uncertainty Bounds of Health Economic Evaluations? A Systematic Review of Herpes Zoster Vaccination. Medical decision making : an international journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making, 38(6)

Verelst F, Willem L, Kessels R, Beutels P. (2018). Individual decisions to vaccinate one's child or oneself: A discrete choice experiment rejecting free-riding motives. Social science & medicine (1982), (207)

Verelst F, Willem L, Kessels R, Beutels P. (2018). Corrigendum to 'Individual decisions to vaccinate one's child or oneself: A discrete choice experiment rejecting free-riding motives' Soc. Sci. Med. 207 (2018) 106-116. Social science & medicine (1982), (217)

Willem L, Verelst F, Bilcke J, Hens N, Beutels P. (2017). Lessons from a decade of individual-based models for infectious disease transmission: a systematic review (2006-2015). BMC infectious diseases, 17(1)

Verelst F, Willem L, Beutels P. (2016). Behavioural Change Models for Infectious Disease Transmission: A Systematic Review (2010-2015). Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 13(125)

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