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Lin G, Hamilton A, Gatalo O, Haghpanah F, Igusa T, Klein E. (2022). Investigating the effects of absolute humidity and movement on COVID-19 seasonality in the United States. Scientific reports, 12(1)

Lin G, Tseng KK, Gatalo O, Martinez DA, Hinson JS, Milstone AM, Levin S, Klein E, . (2021). Cost-effectiveness of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) surveillance in Maryland. Infection control and hospital epidemiology

Frost I, Craig J, Osena G, Hauck S, Kalanxhi E, Schueller E, Gatalo O, Yang Y, Tseng KK, Lin G, Klein E. (2021). Modelling COVID-19 transmission in Africa: countrywise projections of total and severe infections under different lockdown scenarios. BMJ open, 11(3)

Hamilton AJ, Strauss AT, Martinez DA, Hinson JS, Levin S, Lin G, Klein EY. (2021). Machine learning and artificial intelligence: applications in healthcare epidemiology. Antimicrobial stewardship & healthcare epidemiology : ASHE, 1(1)

Marietta M Squire, Megashnee Munsamy, Gary Lin, Arnesh Telukdarie, Takeru Igusa. (2020). Modeling Hospital Energy and Economic Costs for COVID-19 Infection Control Interventions. medRxiv

Gatalo O, Tseng K, Hamilton A, Lin G, Klein E, . (2020). Associations between phone mobility data and COVID-19 cases. The Lancet. Infectious diseases

Lin G, Siddiqui S, Bernstein J, Martinez DA, Gardner L, Albright T, Igusa T. (2021). Examining association between cohesion and diversity in collaboration networks of pharmaceutical clinical trials with drug approvals. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA, 28(1)

Gary Lin, Alexandra Strauss, Maxwell Pinz, Diego Martinez, Katie Tseng, Emily Schueller, Oliver Gatalo, Yupeng Yang, Simon Levin, Eli Klein. (2020). Explaining the Bomb-Like Dynamics of COVID-19 with Modeling and the Implications for Policy. MedRxiv

Shea K, Borchering RK, Probert WJM, Howerton E, Bogich TL, Li S, Van Panhuis WG, Viboud C, Aguas R, Belov A, Bhargava SH, Cavany S, Chang JC, Chen C, Chen J, Chen S, Chen Y, Childs LM, Chow CC, Crooker I, Del Valle SY, España G, Fairchild G, Gerkin RC, Germann TC, Gu Q, Guan X, Guo L, Hart GR, Hladish TJ, Hupert N, Janies D, Kerr CC, Klein DJ, Klein E, Lin G, Manore C, Meyers LA, Mittler J, Mu K, Núñez RC, Oidtman R, Pasco R, Piontti APY, Paul R, Pearson CAB, Perdomo DR, Perkins TA, Pierce K, Pillai AN, Rael RC, Rosenfeld K, Ross CW, Spencer JA, Stoltzfus AB, Toh KB, Vattikuti S, Vespignani A, Wang L, White L, Xu P, Yang Y, Yogurtcu ON, Zhang W, Zhao Y, Zou D, Ferrari M, Pannell D, Tildesley M, Seifarth J, Johnson E, Biggerstaff M, Johansson M, Slayton RB, Levander J, Stazer J, Salerno J, Runge MC. (2020). COVID-19 reopening strategies at the county level in the face of uncertainty: Multiple Models for Outbreak Decision Support. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Gary Lin, Michele Palopoli, Viva Dadwal. (2020). From Causal Loop Diagrams to System Dynamics Models in a Data-Rich Ecosystem. Leveraging Data Science for Global Health

Gary Lin, Sauleh Siddiqui, Jen Bernstein, Diego A. Martinez, Lauren Gardner, Tenley Albright, Takeru Igusa. (2018). Examining Association Between Cohesion and Diversity in Collaboration Networks of Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials with Drug Approvals

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