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Jennifer Johnson-Leung is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences and a member of the UI’s Institute for Modeling, Collaboration, and Innovation. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary in chemistry and mathematics and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Johnson-Leung was chosen as the Malcolm Renfrew Faculty Fellow by the College of Science in Spring 2020. Her primary research area is number theory, including arithmetic geometry and automorphic representation theory. She is deeply involved in math education, chairing the Education Committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics, serving as a member of the Mathematics Advisory Group for TPSE (Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics), and teaching mathematics to learners of all ages in both formal and informal settings. Most recently, she is the co-director of the NIH funded IMCI project, Modeling COVID-19 in Rural Communities. This project includes developing a forecasting model for the state of Idaho, agent based models of COVID-19 in rural communities, collecting survey data on attitudes and behaviors related to the pandemic, and providing modeling support and guidance to a wide range of regional stake-holders and decision-makers.

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Research/Topics of Interest

Agent-based models
Apply models to public health
Compartmental models
Decision models
Geospatial models
Machine learning models
Network models
New methods development
Public health application of models
Public health policy/interventions
Science communication
Social networks/contact patterns
Spatial transmission patterns

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United States



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