Kaitlyn Johnson

Postdoctoral researcher





Johnson KE, Lachmann M, Stoddard M, Pasco R, Fox SJ, Meyers LA, Chakravarty A. (2021). Detecting in-school transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from case ratios and documented clusters. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Johnson KE, Stoddard M, Nolan RP, White DE, Hochberg NS, Chakravarty A. (2021). In the long shadow of our best intentions: Model-based assessment of the consequences of school reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. PloS one, 16(3)

Wang X, Du Z, Johnson KE, Pasco RF, Fox SJ, Lachmann M, McLellan JS, Meyers LA. (2021). The impacts of COVID-19 vaccine timing, number of doses, and risk prioritization on mortality in the US. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Johnson KE, Howard GR, Morgan D, Brenner EA, Gardner AL, Durrett RE, Mo W, Al'Khafaji A, Sontag ED, Jarrett AM, Yankeelov TE, Brock A. (2020). Integrating transcriptomics and bulk time course data into a mathematical framework to describe and predict therapeutic resistance in cancer. Physical biology, 18(1)

Kazerouni AS, Gadde M, Gardner A, Hormuth DA 2nd., Jarrett AM, Johnson KE, Lima EABF, Lorenzo G, Phillips C, Brock A, Yankeelov TE. (2020). Integrating Quantitative Assays with Biologically Based Mathematical Modeling for Predictive Oncology. iScience, 23(12)

Pan J, Johnson K. (2019). "Hacking" Our Way across Interdisciplinary Boundaries. Cell systems, 8(5)

Johnson KE, Howard G, Mo W, Strasser MK, Lima EABF, Huang S, Brock A. (2019). Cancer cell population growth kinetics at low densities deviate from the exponential growth model and suggest an Allee effect. PLoS biology, 17(8)

Howard GR, Johnson KE, Rodriguez Ayala A, Yankeelov TE, Brock A. (2018). A multi-state model of chemoresistance to characterize phenotypic dynamics in breast cancer. Scientific reports, 8(1)

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