Manuela Runge

Postdoctoral Fellow





Ozodiegwu ID, Ambrose M, Battle KE, Bever C, Diallo O, Galatas B, Runge M, Gerardin J. (2021). Beyond national indicators: adapting the Demographic and Health Surveys' sampling strategies and questions to better inform subnational malaria intervention policy. Malaria journal, 20(1)

Runge M, Snow RW, Molteni F, Thawer S, Mohamed A, Mandike R, Giorgi E, Macharia PM, Smith TA, Lengeler C, Pothin E. (2020). Simulating the council-specific impact of anti-malaria interventions: A tool to support malaria strategic planning in Tanzania. PloS one, 15(2)

Thawer SG, Chacky F, Runge M, Reaves E, Mandike R, Lazaro S, Mkude S, Rumisha SF, Kumalija C, Lengeler C, Mohamed A, Pothin E, Snow RW, Molteni F. (2020). Sub-national stratification of malaria risk in mainland Tanzania: a simplified assembly of survey and routine data. Malaria journal, 19(1)

Armstrong E, Runge M, Gerardin J. (2020). Identifying the measurements required to estimate rates of COVID-19 transmission, infection, and detection, using variational data assimilation. Infectious Disease Modelling, (6)

Runge M, Molteni F, Mandike R, Snow RW, Lengeler C, Mohamed A, Pothin E. (2020). Applied mathematical modelling to inform national malaria policies, strategies and operations in Tanzania. Malaria journal, 19(1)

Brunner NC, Chacky F, Mandike R, Mohamed A, Runge M, Thawer SG, Ross A, Vounatsou P, Lengeler C, Molteni F, Hetzel MW. (2019). The potential of pregnant women as a sentinel population for malaria surveillance. Malaria journal, 18(1)

Chacky F, Runge M, Rumisha SF, Machafuko P, Chaki P, Massaga JJ, Mohamed A, Pothin E, Molteni F, Snow RW, Lengeler C, Mandike R. (2018). Nationwide school malaria parasitaemia survey in public primary schools, the United Republic of Tanzania. Malaria journal, 17(1)

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