Meggan Craft

Associate Professor





Shaw AK, White LA, Michalska-Smith M, Borer ET, Craft ME, Seabloom EW, Snell-Rood EC, Travisano M. (2021). Lessons from movement ecology for the return to work: Modeling contacts and the spread of COVID-19. PloS one, 16(1)

Brandell EE, Fountain-Jones NM, Gilbertson MLJ, Cross PC, Hudson PJ, Smith DW, Stahler DR, Packer C, Craft ME. (2020). Group density, disease, and season shape territory size and overlap of social carnivores. The Journal of animal ecology

White LA, Siva-Jothy JA, Craft ME, Vale PF. (2020). Genotype and sex-based host variation in behaviour and susceptibility drives population disease dynamics. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 287(1938)

Worsley-Tonks KEL, Escobar LE, Biek R, Castaneda-Guzman M, Craft ME, Streicker DG, White LA, Fountain-Jones NM. (2020). Using host traits to predict reservoir host species of rabies virus. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 14(12)

Kozakiewicz CP, Burridge CP, Funk WC, Craft ME, Crooks KR, Fisher RN, Fountain-Jones NM, Jennings MK, Kraberger SJ, Lee JS, Lyren LM, Riley SPD, Serieys LEK, VandeWoude S, Carver S. (2020). Does the virus cross the road? Viral phylogeographic patterns among bobcat populations reflect a history of urban development. Evolutionary applications, 13(8)

White LA, Forester JD, Craft ME. (2018). Dynamic, spatial models of parasite transmission in wildlife: Their structure, applications and remaining challenges. The Journal of animal ecology, 87(3)

Manlove KR, Walker JG, Craft ME, Huyvaert KP, Joseph MB, Miller RS, Nol P, Patyk KA, O'Brien D, Walsh DP, Cross PC. (2016). "One Health" or Three? Publication Silos Among the One Health Disciplines. PLoS biology, 14(4)

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