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Dr. Natallia Katenka is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Statistics in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Rhode Island. She also holds a limited joint appointment in the Department of Pharmacy Practice in the College of Pharmacy and is co-founder of a Networks and Causal Inference for Public Health and Education Research (NCIPHER) lab at the College of Pharmacy. The primary goals and projects of the lab fall at the intersection of causal inference methodology and novel inference and modeling methods in network science and aimed to solve critical challenges in public health research. The lab is primarily funded by NIH grant (1DP2DA046856-01) Avenir Award Program for Research on Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS (DP2). Dr. Katenka has over decade of experience in the analysis, inference, and modeling of various networks and network processes. While being interested in various types of networks (including computer network, social networks, etc.) during the past three years, her research has been enriched by studies in HIV/AIDS networks. Her most recent project aims to develop a cutting-edge stochastic network-based modeling framework for SARS-CoV-2 transmission in New York City that would help to inform the type and timing of non-pharmaceutical interventions in the area considering demographic composition (i.e., age, household size), racial disparities in health, and socioeconomics. Dr. Natallia Katenka received her B.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Science and her M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Belarusian State University in 2003 and 2004, respectively. She completed her Ph.D. degree in Statistics from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor in 2009. She joined the University of Rhode Island in 2012, where she is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Statistics. She actively collaborates with other departments at the university and also with the Department of Business at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

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Research/Topics of Interest

Apply models to public health
Clinical trail design
Machine learning models
Network models
New methods development
Public health application of models
Social determinants of health
Social networks/contact patterns
Statistical models
Network Processes

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Sexually transmitted diseases
Vaccine-preventable diseases

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United States



Aroke H, Katenka N, Kogut S, Buchanan A. Network-based Analysis of Prescription Opioids Dispensing Using Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGMs). Complex Networks & Their Applications X. Volume 2 : proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications COMPLEX NETWORKS 2021. International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications ..., (1016)

Aroke H, Buchanan A, Katenka N, Crawford FW, Lee T, Halloran ME, Latkin C. (2022). Evaluating the Mediating Role of Recall of Intervention Knowledge in the Relationship Between a Peer-Driven Intervention and HIV Risk Behaviors Among People Who Inject Drugs. AIDS and behavior

Sun T, Aroke H, Kogut S, Katenka N, Bratberg J, Buchanan A. (2021). Early buprenorphine-naloxone initiation for opioid use disorder reduces opioid overdose, emergency room visits and healthcare cost compare to late initiation. The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse

Marchenko O, Tsodikov A, Keener R, Katenka N, Kloster Thomas Y. (2017). Joint modeling of time to recurrence and cancer stage at recurrence in oncology trials. Journal of biopharmaceutical statistics, 27(3)

Adochite RC, Moshnikova A, Golijanin J, Andreev OA, Katenka NV, Reshetnyak YK. (2016). Comparative Study of Tumor Targeting and Biodistribution of pH (Low) Insertion Peptides (pHLIP(®) Peptides) Conjugated with Different Fluorescent Dyes. Molecular imaging and biology, 18(5)

Antosh MP, Wijesinghe DD, Shrestha S, Lanou R, Huang YH, Hasselbacher T, Fox D, Neretti N, Sun S, Katenka N, Cooper LN, Andreev OA, Reshetnyak YK. (2015). Enhancement of radiation effect on cancer cells by gold-pHLIP. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(17)

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