Sen Pei

Associate Research Scientist





Zhou B, Pei S, Muchnik L, Meng X, Xu X, Sela A, Havlin S, Stanley HE. (2020). Realistic modelling of information spread using peer-to-peer diffusion patterns. Nature human behaviour

Pei S, Kandula S, Shaman J. (2020). Differential Effects of Intervention Timing on COVID-19 Spread in the United States. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Li R, Pei S, Chen B, Song Y, Zhang T, Yang W, Shaman J. (2020). Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Kandula S, Pei S, Shaman J. (2019). Improved forecasts of influenza-associated hospitalization rates with Google Search Trends. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 16(155)

Sy KTL, Shaman J, Kandula S, Pei S, Gould M, Keyes KM. (2019). Spatiotemporal clustering of suicides in the US from 1999 to 2016: a spatial epidemiological approach. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 54(12)

Pei S, Cane MA, Shaman J. (2019). Predictability in process-based ensemble forecast of influenza. PLoS computational biology, 15(2)

Pei S, Teng X, Shaman J, Morone F, Makse HA. (2017). Efficient collective influence maximization in cascading processes with first-order transitions. Scientific reports, (7)

Fu C, Shen J, Lu L, Li Y, Cao Y, Wang M, Pei S, Yang Z, Guo Q, Shaman J. (2017). Pre-vaccination evolution of antibodies among infants 0, 3 and 6months of age: A longitudinal analysis of measles, enterovirus 71 and coxsackievirus 16. Vaccine, 35(31)

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