Spencer Fox

Research Associate





Johnson KE, Lachmann M, Stoddard M, Pasco R, Fox SJ, Meyers LA, Chakravarty A. (2021). Detecting in-school transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from case ratios and documented clusters. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Kelly Pierce, Ethan N. Ho, Xutong Wang, Remy Pasco, Zhanwei Du, Spencer Fox, Greg Zynda, Jawon Song, Gordon Wells, Lauren Meyers. (2021). Early COVID-19 Pandemic Modeling: Three Compartmental Model Case Studies From Texas, USA. Computing in Science & Engineering, 23(1)

Du Z, Xu X, Wang L, Fox SJ, Cowling BJ, Galvani AP, Meyers LA. (2020). Proactive social distancing mitigates COVID-19 outbreaks within a month across 58 mainland China cities. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Wang X, Du Z, Huang G, Pasco RF, Fox SJ, Galvani AP, Pignone M, Johnston SC, Meyers LA. (2020). Effects of Cocooning on Coronavirus Disease Rates after Relaxing Social Distancing. Emerging infectious diseases, 26(12)

Du Z, Xu X, Wang L, Fox SJ, Cowling BJ, Galvani AP, Meyers LA. (2020). Effects of Proactive Social Distancing on COVID-19 Outbreaks in 58 Cities, China. Emerging infectious diseases, 26(9)

Pasco RF, Fox SJ, Johnston SC, Pignone M, Meyers LA. (2020). Estimated Association of Construction Work With Risks of COVID-19 Infection and Hospitalization in Texas. JAMA network open, 3(10)

Scarpino SV, Iamarino A, Wells C, Yamin D, Ndeffo-Mbah M, Wenzel NS, Fox SJ, Nyenswah T, Altice FL, Galvani AP, Meyers LA, Townsend JP. (2015). Epidemiological and viral genomic sequence analysis of the 2014 ebola outbreak reveals clustered transmission. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 60(7)

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